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Have you got all the latest kit, take great professional images, but you’re not making the money you’d like to?

Do you really struggle with your photography business marketing?

Don’t worry I totally understand your position and I’m here to help.

Today the photography industry is at the most competitive it’s been in the history of the trade.

Sadly 80% of photographers fail within their first two years in business; this has nothing to do with their photography, it’s because they lack a photography business plan along with the photography mentoring to carry it through.

My 6 Steps to Success Photography Business Program starts, where most photographers fail, by building your brand, pricing structure and lead generating website, so you can position yourself as the “Go-To Photographer” and attract the right sort of clients.


Step 1

We Develop Your Premium Brand and Pricing System

Step 2

We Convert Your Photography Website into a Lead Magnet

Step 3

Help You Grow a Large Following of Potential Clients

Step 4

Turn More Leads into Clients, Achieve Your Success


Helping Photographers Build a Premium Photography Business

As a photographer, do you struggle with imposter syndrome and find it hard to believe in yourself?

You’re not alone, many of my clients felt the same, and I understand your pain, because I’m a photographer too.

I remember what it was like starting my first business back in 2004, but when I discovered how to brand and market my photography everything changed, now I can do the same for you.

If you’re ready to turn your business around and want find out more about my program, book your
FREE No-Obligation 30 Minute Call I’ll give you some great feedback and the direction you need.

Jeff Brown The Photographers' Mentor


Hello, I’m Jeff Brown  – The Photographers’ Mentor, Best Selling Author and LinkedIn LIVE Influencer.

As a photographer who has built five highly successful photography companies of my own, I know what it
takes to create a premium brand. 

My photography career started out in the British Armed Forces where I served as a Royal Navy Photographer, but in 2004 after 10 years service it was time to follow my dreams of running my own photography companies. 

My passion for marketing drove us forward to great success and also created my desire to help fellow photographers do the same. 

I work with photographers in 20 countries worldwide, as well as being a Photography Mentoring Ambassador for The British Photographer Awards and The Female Photographers Association. In addition, I work closely with the major professional  associations and leading brands such as Canon. 

I’d love to help you achieve the success you deserve, so book your FREE 30 Minute Photography Business Advice Call today.





What they say

Photography mentoring TESTIMONIALS


“5 Stars across the board. Jeff has helped me transform my dream of photography to a real functioning photography business! I highly recommend Jeff and his program. He challenges you and helps guide you along the way.           

He is always there to answer questions and is well-spoken in his responses. Thank you, Jeff, for helping me transform my photography business!”

Antony jonson

Anthony Johnson

Corporate Event Photographer
Austin, Texas, USA


“Since joining Jeff’s program, I’ve learned about understanding my business as a whole. It’s not just about shooting a session; it’s about understanding your numbers, providing a clear message for your clients, and I must say Jeff is a Master of LinkedIn.

Most photographers struggle with marketing and sales; Jeff has provided great insight by sharing his knowledge and being a great mentor. I would highly recommend him to any photographer new to the business or someone that needs to take their business to the next level. Thanks, Jeff, for all your help!”


Hector Cavazos

Headshot Photographer
Fresno, California, USA


“Working with Jeff is truly incredible. His extensive experience in marketing, especially when applied to the field of photography, has made him the perfect match for my business. Together, we have rebuilt my brand and found the perfect niche for my photography.

He’s an essential resource to navigate the incredibly competitive photography arena, and I’m genuinely grateful for having found him. I feel 100% confident he can help most photographers up their game considerably and bring amazing results in the span of only a few months.”

Fransico sapienza

Franseco Sapienzia

Food Photographer
New York City, New York, USA

Photography business MENTORING SOLUTIONS

I believe in being upfront with my photography business mentoring costs; there’s nothing worse than looking for a photography mentor but having no idea if they are within your budget, I don’t want to waste your time.

Photography mentoring is an investment, but this isn’t just marketing; its branding, marketing and mentoring in one complete solution, probably the most financially rewarding investment you’ll make in your business.

Branding comes before anything else; if your brand doesn’t appeal to your ideal clients, then you are wasting your money on Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing and SEO.

If visitors are coming to your website and not booking, or your enquiries aren’t converting into clients, its because your brand doesn’t connect with potential clients and you MUST fix this first.

The 6 Steps to SUCCESS Program

With my 6 Steps to Success Photography Mentoring, you’ll have constant support, guidance and input.

  I’m with you for the LIFE of your BUSINESS, my help and mentoring doesn’t stop after the program.  

With the FULL benefits of my private photography mentoring Group, so you’ll never feel like you’re on your own, you’ll be part of a great photography business community. 

If you want to become the “Go To Photographer” in your niche then this is the solution for you.


The AWESOME Photographers Group

My private photography mentoring group is a fantastic resource to  help build your own premium photography brand.

A community of successful photographers, headed up by myself, offering support through video’s, zoom meetings, plus a 60 minute One 2 One business strategy call.

In addition, all group members have access to me for support via Messenger 5 days a week.

My group is perfect for photographers looking to massively improve their brand and become the “Go-To Photographer”.

The Awesome Photographers Group

Work With Me Together Option

My 6 Steps to Success Photography Mentoring Program


Online Group Training Option

My Photography Mentoring Group


What they say

Photography mentoring TESTIMONIALS


“I’ve been working with Jeff for a few months now, and I can’t say enough about his willingness to help and his methods for helping you improve your photography business. 

He has given me many useful techniques which have turned into things I use daily to increase my presence to potential clients and just my overall production.

He makes himself available to answer questions and makes it very easy for you to schedule a chat. Even across the pond! I highly recommend Jeff and his services if you are looking to improve your photography business!”


Damon May

Sports Photographer
Estero, Florida, USA


“I’ve known and been mentored by Jeff for over a year. Since joining Jeff’s program, I’ve learned a ton about LinkedIn and marketing in general.

As a photographer I’ve struggled for years with marketing myself, Jeff has cut through all of the fog of social media marketing and with straightforward, easy to implement strategies, help me gain connections, clients and credibility in my market!

I would highly recommend him to any photographer who is looking to grow their business, Thank you for all of your help Jeff.”


Chris Cottrell

Headshot Photographer
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA


“Working with Jeff has completely changed my outlook on marketing. He is creative, patient, knowledgeable, and downright fun to work with.

He takes the time to get to know you, understand how you operate currently and challenges you to see a new point of view. I think Jeff is an invaluable resource, and I am very happy I chose to work with him as a mentor and a marketing professional.

I would recommend Jeff to any photographer currently looking to expand their customer base. He gives great direction and is very specific. It’s been a great ride with Jeff!”


Crystal Stewart

Wedding Photographer
Los Angeles, California, USA



Choosing a Photography Mentor to work with has got to feel right for you because we’ll be spending a lot of time on calls to each other over the coming months as your fantastic new brand starts to grow.

Photography Mentoring is an investment for your business, which will produce considerable increases in revenue.

However I understand that even though this is an investment which is going to make you a lot more money, you’ve still got to part with your hard-earned cash, so I want you to know you’ve made the right decision.


For Photographers coming onboard my 6 Steps to Success Photography Mentoring Program.
If you complete my program from start to finish in 6 months, implement everything I teach you, post daily to social media, building your network and you don’t see any growth or returns during that time, I GUARANTEE to refund 100% of your fees.

For Photographers joining my Photography Mentoring Program.
If after seven days inside the group you don’t feel that this will benefit your business then I’ll completely refund your membership fee.

What they say

Photography mentoring TESTIMONIALS


“Jeff is an exceptional guy, who knows his stuff when it comes to marketing photography and it is through Jeff’s ‘6 STEPS TO SUCCESS IN PHOTOGRAPHY’ programme which has helped me achieve so much more than I could have imagined looking back at this time last year!

There are many reasons I would recommend Jeff to professional photographers, but today I will only talk about one of them – LINKEDIN! Jeff has helped me to ‘get over myself’ when it comes to creating and sharing content, growing my brand and marketing for financial success.

His friendly, straight forward approach and always being at the end of the phone, at any time of the day is a testament to his commitment to helping fellow photographers achieve goals beyond their expectations.

Diane jones

Diane Jones

Engineering & Construction Photographer
Chinley, Derbyshire, England


“I cannot recommend Jeff enough. A very helpful person who will go out of his way for you. I reached out to Jeff as I was hardly getting any client enquiries and signed up for his Six Steps Program.

I am still working on the 3rd step and the first 2 steps are kicking in. I am now getting enquiries from commercial clients on a daily basis, receiving 6 in one day alone.

I am looking forward to completing and implementing the remaining steps as things can only get better. One of the best investments I have made in myself and my business. Thanks Jeff!!!”


Bruce Vincent

Hotel & Hospitality Photographer
Phnom Penh, Cambodia


“Jeff is amazing at what he does. He’s patient, a great listener, has great ideas and a really amazing marketing mentality.

He’s a pro photographer and knows his craft, but he also knows business, and has helped me think outside the box and step out of my comfort zone. Thanks to him, I’m now booking my ideal clients more often, and have learned to value my work more than I ever did before. I can’t thank him enough for his help and I look forward to continuing to work with him.

He has a real no nonsense approach that I love and he knows his stuff. Thanks, Jeff!”

Karine lyne

Karina Storlien

Surprise Proposal & Engagment Photographer
Paris Central District, Paris, France

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