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The Photographers’ Mentor | Author | Jeff Brown

I have two new Photography Business books planned for 2023 including a fantastic book all about creating regular passive income from your photography, which is something more and more photographers are venturing into.

I will also be releasing a series of travel photography books, these books are more of a personal passion than to educate photographers. I’ve travelled to some interesting photographic destinations around the world including North Korea and Chernobyl, so plan to document these journeys and many others in a series of books.

My photography books have been ranked No1 in the Amazon Photography Books Best Sellers Chart; each book is designed around the same concept “Just Get It Done”. No endless chapters of reading to get to the valuable content and everything written in plain English from one photographer to another, as if we were chatting to each other over a pint in the pub.

In addition to my photography books please check out my Blog Page called the Go-to Photographers Blog, I hope to build this up over the coming months as a fantastic resource for photographers wanting to get to grips with their photography business marketing.

If you want to succeed and become the Go-to Photographer then you need to specialise, stand out from the other freelance style photographers and move away from the over-crowded generalist market.

By Jeff Brown

Help!! My Photography Website Needs MORE Customers

How to Build a Website that Works

Does your photography website supply you with regular leads and bookings? 

This in depth book covers everything you need to know to create a Scroll to a Sale style photography website that converts more visitors into paying customers while helping you rank higher on Google searches in the process.

I’ve combined two great business books in one, the first part of this book covers branding and how to build a premium photography brand that appeals to your ideal client, then we jump onto your website showing you how to create a scroll stopping website that leads to more enquiries and more direct bookings.

This simple to follow book includes plenty of great photography website examples throughout, making it really easy to put the theory into practice on your own website.

By Jeff Brown

The Ambitious Photographer’s Journal

A 52-Week Success Diary

Goals, Step by Step Just an Hour a Day!

The Ambitious Photographer’s Journal – Overcome Procrastination and Grow Your Photography Business Fast, 52-Week Photography Business Success Journal … 

This 52 week success journal is the first of it’s kind purely for photographers. Your journal can be started at anytime throughout the year as its NOT date specific. Learn how to schedule your day better, get more done, hit your targets and achieve your goals by working smarter and building great collaborations and joint ventures.

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A brilliant book for every photographer.

Loving working through this journal. Planning my goals and what I need to work on. 

Even better it doesn’t have dates so you can start it anytime you like (pleased I don’t have to wait till January and get to start today).

Highly recommend this book, you won’t be disappointed.

–  Michelle


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So useful!!

If you’re anything like me you’re probably pretty good at photography but when it comes to marketing, you’d much rather edit your photos. The problem with that is you’re not telling people how you can help. This book gives you a step-by-step program to follow and I can’t state how much of an investment it is.

On the days I’m not shooting or editing I really find it tricky to actually sit down and try to grow my brand but this book helps to point me in the right direction!   I’ve posted images from inside the book as I was excited to find out it’s an actual journal you can fill in!

–  JJMagill


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If you need accountability this is your tool.


–  Lorena


By Jeff Brown

The Photographer’s Missing ‘Link’edIn

Build a Premium Photography Brand

LinkedIn is an absolute goldmine for photographers, but sadly, many photographers fail to utilise the platform and often those who do haven’t really got a clue how to use it. If this sounds like you, but you want to get to grips with your marketing on LinkedIn, then this is definitely the book for you.

Learn all there is to know about the platform. Build a fully optimised LinkedIn profile that appeals to your clients, create highly engaging LinkedIn Company Pages that stand out from your competitors and understand the workings of the algorithm.

Once you’ve put into action my LinkedIn success steps, you’ll be posting the right type of content correctly, ensuring more connections to your profile,  maximum engagement on your posts, and more enquiries hitting your inbox.

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A must for any professional photographer.

Absolutely brilliant book by Jeff Brown.  Just buy this and any of his other books if you’re serious about progressing your photography business.

–  KT67


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Excellent intro to LinkedIn for photographers.

This is exactly what I was looking for!  Clear and straightforward advice on how to get more active on LinkedIn.

– Darren Irwin


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A Must Read!

A great book!  Enthusiastic style, full of tips and advice.  A must read for anyone wanting to start or improve their business.  Jeff Brown is a 1st Class Mentor.

– Edith Brown