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The Go-To Photographers Blog helps photographers develop their niche and build a premium photography brand. If you want to stand out in the industry and become the “Go-To Photographer” you need to specialise and become known in your niche.

If you try to appeal to everyone you’ll be special to no one, then all you can do to try and win business is discount your prices, this is why
so many photographers fail in our very competitive industry. 

“Go-To Photographers” don’t need to discount because they are the perfect fit for their ideal clients.

As a photographers’ mentor working with 100’s of photographers in over 20 countries worldwide, it’s my job to turn the photographers on my program into “Go-To Photographers”. Allowing them to charge the fees they deserve and build a premium brand the stands out from the competition. 

You don’t need to be an award-winning, you just need to build a brand based around your client’s needs, then market your brand through a
“Call To Action” style website and customer-focused social media pages.

To find out more about my success mentoring programs head over to the “HomePage” and book your FREE 30-Minute Advice Call.

Hope you enjoy my Go-To Photographers Blog, I’m always here to help, simply drop me an email to info@focusonmarketing.co.uk
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Thank you, Jeff Brown
The Photographers’ Mentor.

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