I have three new photography books planned for 2022 including an extensive guide on how to create an awesome lead generating photography business website. These are my current photography books available from Amazon in both Paperback, Hardback or Kindle.

My photography books have been ranked No1 in the Amazon Photography Books Best Sellers Chart; each book is designed around the same concept “Just Get It Done”. No endless chapters of reading to get to the valuable content and everything written in plain English from one photographer to another, as if we were chatting to each other over a pint in the pub.

In addition to my photography books please check out my Blog Page called the Go-To Photographers Blog, I hope to build this up over the coming months as a fantastic resource for photographers wanting to get to grips with their photography business marketing. 

If you want to succeed and become the Go-To Photographer then you need to specialise, standout from the other freelance style photographers and move away from the over-crowded generalist market.

The Photographers Missing Link
(3rd Edition 2022)

LinkedIn is an absolute goldmine for photographers, but sadly, many photographers fail to utilise the platform and often those who do haven’t really got a clue how to use it. If this sounds like you, but you want to get to grips with your marketing on LinkedIn, then this is definitely the book for you.

Learn all there is to know about the platform. Build a fully optimised LinkedIn profile that appeals to your clients, create highly engaging LinkedIn Company Pages that stand out from your competitors and understand the workings of the algorithm.

Once you’ve put into action my LinkedIn success steps, you’ll be posting the right type of content correctly, ensuring more connections to your profile,  maximum engagement on your posts, and more enquiries hitting your inbox.

The Ambitious Photographer's Journal - 52 Week Success Diary

Photography success is achieved on a daily basis, it seldom happens overnight. 
But by developing an easy to maintain goal driven habit, you’ll see the small daily steps start to pay off with BIG RESULTS.

Overcome procrastination, banish self-doubt and imposter syndrome by developing positive goal setting habits and routines, with my 52 week step by step photography success journal. 

We all have the same number of hours each day, its how effectively we use those hours that ultimately determines the success of our photography business. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting headshots or weddings, personal branding, or boudoir photography, if you follow this routine I guarantee you’ll be ticking off your goals each and every month.

The Photographers Blueprint to Success

If you want to succeed and become the “Go-To Photographer” in your market, then you need to be following a plan. Marketing is essential in today’s oversaturated photography industry, those photographers who do market their brand correctly dominate their niche often charging 4 or 5 times that of their competitors.

The Photographer’s Blueprint to Success is a step by step, actionable process that you can quickly implement into any photography business whether you specialise in weddings, headshots or food photography the structure is always the same.

In this business of photography book, I use examples from my clients across different photography markets around the world to show how they have implemented these procedures into their business with remarkable success.

Check Out My Free Resources

In addition to my photography books, please check out my Get Free Stuff Page.
 I’ve filled it with useful PDF’s and links to some of my most popular photography podcasts I’ve appeared on as a guest over the years.
As I create more content I’ll keep uploading it to my free resources page, so do keep calling back.

Remember guys I’m here to help on your journey to success and if you do have any questions just drop me an email to and connect with me on LinkedIn, its always nice to hear from fellow photographers.

You can be the best award winning photographer in your area with all the latest kit but if you can’t brand and market your
business correctly you’ll fail to attract the right type of clients.

I know to most photographers marketing and branding isn’t something they get excited about, but when it all fits together
and you’re charging 3 or 4 times that of a competitor and still booking clients it feels amazing because people value what you do. 

Keep on listening to podcasts, reading those photography books and growing your business just a little bit more each day, it’s the little steps we do that produce the big results, because above all else consistency is key.

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