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Over the years, I’ve written hundreds of photography marketing blog posts, recorded hours of video content and appeared as a guest on nearly all of the major photography podcasts.

In addition to this, I’ve been producing photography marketing advice and hacks with Canon, The British Photography Awards, The Societies of Photographers, The Female Photographers Association, The British Institute of Professional Photographers and The Photographers Guild.       
It’s my mission to help as many photographers as I can; my goal is to become the leading brand and photography marketing ambassador for the industry. 

Below I’ve included links to some of my most popular podcast appearances and a few downloadable photography marketing PDF top tips guides too.           

Remember I’m here to help, if you want to succeed in this industry, your branding and photography marketing is the key to achieving your dreams, so get started today.

Don’t forget to check out my “Go-To Photographers Blog” each week I’ll be adding more essential photography marketing content to help you position yourself at the top of your niche.


Setting Your Photography Goals

Goal setting is the cornerstone to your photography marketing success; you need to have a clear path and a vision for your business, if you don't know which direction you are heading how will you ever get there. Its time to start setting your photography marketing goals.

Building Your Photography Brand

Brand is way much more than your logo; if you don't start to develop a niche photography brand of your own, you'll soon become lost amongst the 10,000's of general and freelance style photographers all fighting it out on price. Brand is the key to success in your photography marketing and the foundation of your business.

Creating your Photography Niche

If you want to charge a premium price, you must first look and feel premium. Brand is everything your ideal clients think, feel and believe about your photography business, when they value your brand, they'll happily pay a premium for your services. That's the power of branding, that's what allows premium companies worldwide to sell products and services at up to 10x the price of their competitors.

Selling Made Easy with NLP

Even when we get to grips with our photography marketing most of us hate selling, its something that we aren't really comfortable with as photographers. However when you understand the process and match the products you sell to your customers' needs; it becomes so much easier. This PDF gives a brief overview of the steps to selling in photography, which goes hand in hand with your photography pricing, both selling and pricing are covered in-depth on my 6 Steps Program.


Martin Bailey Podcast

In this great podcast, I talk over the essentials to setting up a niche photography brand profile on LinkedIn. We discuss how the platform works and what you can do to really start seeing results and turn connections into paying clients.

The 6 Figure Photographer

I had a great time recording this podcast and introducing Ben himself to the power of growing a photography marketing presence on LinkedIn. We cover marketing and branding in-depth, perfect for the photographer wanting to position their business in a league above the competition.

Master Photography Podcast

Originally meant to be a 40-minute podcast, this turned into a mammoth 75-minute information-packed show. I talk with Brent all things photography marketing and branding, pricing and of course LinkedIn too. This has been by far one of the most in-depth interviews I've done on air.

Heidi Thompson Podcast

In this episode, we talk about all things Wedding Photography. How to build out your premium brand, utilise the power of Facebook to really grow your business and set up some very lucrative joint venture programs with other vendors. After photographing over 750 weddings to date myself, I have a wealth of first-hand knowledge on how to succeed in the highly competitive wedding market.

The Beginner Photographer Podcast

In this interview for The Beginner Photographer Podcast I talk about my journey in photography, from leaving the Royal Navy, then getting heavily into the photography marketing and business side of photography. Discussing the highs and lows of running 5 successful photography companies and going on to help others with their photography marketing and branding which led to the creation of my photography marketing and mentoring program in 2008.

The Photography Bar Podcast Show

It was a real pleasure to be a guest on The Photography Bar Podcast Show, this fun, relaxed and informative podcast is broadcast right here in the UK. In this episode we talk photography marketing and how to position yourself as the Go-To Photographer in your niche. You'll love the Shutter Game too, see how well you can score.

The Guild of Photographer LinkedIn Training Webinar

In this fantastic series of mini webinars recorded for the UK's Guild of Photographers I dive into using LinkedIn as a photography marketing platform for your business. Starting with the basics of setting up and optimising your profile, creating great content and using LinkedIn for your photography marketing.

The Martin Bailey Podcast 2021

In this 2021 episode of the Martin Bailey Photography Podcast we dive into your photography marketing and how to position yourself as the Go-To Photographer in your niche, how to build a premium brand and standout to your clients. We also talk about Virtual Photoshoots using The Shutter Studio App to help increase your offering and work with clients around the world.

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