Travel Photography Hanoi

Capturing Travel Photography based in Hanoi, Vietnam, I am on the road and often in Third World countries where the photography industry is sometimes non-existent, not to mention language barriers.  Jeff has been a great support for me. He continually researches the photography marketing field and uses his up-to-date knowledge to move my business forward. I enjoy his personal touch and friendly manner in the way we do business. He always goes the extra mile which is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jeff.”

LinkedIn – Successfully Elevating Your Profiles

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jeff this year.  His understanding of how Linkedin can help raise your profile in your target markets is quite incredible. You really do feel that he is “on your side” all the time and that he genuinely wants to see you succeed. I have no hesitation in recommending Jeff’s photography marketing services to any photographer who needs to gain a better understanding of this increasingly important channel of social media. “

Innovative Photography Marketing

“Jeff has been a wonderful find for me in my search for a good photography business mentoring programme. All too often I’ve been led down the road of expensive and altogether flimsy courses which have always, for me, fizzled out without any concrete results.  Since hooking up with Jeff I’ve now found a suitable and workable photography marketing programme for myself and more importantly, together we’ve managed to define my niche, enabling me to focus on my favoured style of photography.  If you’re serious about taking your photography marketing to the next level I can’t recommend Jeff highly enough.”

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