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3 Great Hacks for Photography Blog Ideas

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Photography Blog Ideas for Your Photography Website

Your photography blog can be a valuable source of traffic to your website, sending thousands of potential photography clients your way. However, for your photography blog to work, it’s essential your blog post ideas really connect with your readers.

So how do you decide on the right photography blog ideas and what sort of blog post should you be writing?

As a photography mentor working with professional photographers in over 20 countries worldwide and from all different photography niches, I’ve seen the same blog post mistakes being made time and time again. The main problem I see when viewing a blog post written by a professional photographer is that the blog post itself is more like a company newsletter than a blog.

If you really want to connect with potential clients then your photography blog ideas and content need to be there to help and serve potential clients and not just be a newsletter-type blog to showcase your photography business.

In this blog, I’ll be sharing three very important steps you can take action on today to make sure your photography blogging ideas become a real hit with your website visitors. Not only that, your blog posts will become a great way for you as a photographer to generate more photo shoot enquiries for your business, and build better relationships with potential clients.

Give Your Photography Blog an Identity

Whether you’re a professional photographer running a fulltime photography business, or just a keen amateur who enjoys blogging and writing behind the scenes type of content for your social media, you’ll need to give your blog a life of its own.

Most photographers tend to host their blogs on their company website, often just using their blog posts as a way to talk about the behind the scenes element of the photography they do. But is this really of interest to your clients?

Think about this for a moment, say for example you’re a family portrait photographer, do families really want to read about another families portrait session, I don’t think so, what interest is it to them? But maybe if you could give help, advice and inspire them to get the most out of their photo session then this might be something they’d want to read because it’s targeted to them.

In order to give your blog an identity your need to know and understand what your potential clients want. What’s of interest to them, what problems can you solve and how can you help them?

So let us imagine you’re a wedding photographer based in the country. Your ideal clients are brides planning their weddings in beautiful country houses or converted barns, they love the outdoors and they love the countryside. They are constantly searching the internet, reading blog posts about country wedding themes, country wedding trends and even looking for examples of country wedding photos.

What if you called your blog “The Guide to a Perfect Country Wedding” so now your blog has a name of its own that really appeals to any bride planning her country wedding. Yes, your blog is still on your company website, but its not called John Smith Photography Blog, it has an identity that connects with your visitors, it’s suddenly become a much more appealing blog.

Now let’s take one more example, imagine you’re a food photographer, your ideal clients are chefs, restaurant owners, food producers, food magazines and foodies. Your current photography blog is called Sharon Brown Food Photographer Blog and you write blog posts based around the topics in photography you cover for your clients, so again it’s basically another newsletter-style blog. Remember these types of blog posts are only of any interest to the blog owner and the clients who were featured in the photography for the blog.

What you need is to create a blog that really appeals to people in the food industry and people who have a real passion and love of food. How about calling your blog “The Photographers Good Food Larder”, filled with photos of seasonal dishes, local produce and the latest food trends. You could post ideas about seasonal produce to use in the kitchen, showcase the local food heroes from your area in a blog post, or write a weekly review-style blog post about restaurants and pubs in your town serving wholesome good food.

Suddenly your blog has become of interest to countless people in the food industry. Your photos get more and more recognition and you slowly become the Go-To Photographer in your county for anyone needing food photos to promote their business.

So now grab a pen and before you read any further brainstorm a few ideas to create an identity for your blog, because next, we’ll give your blog a purpose.

Give Your Blog a Purpose

Ok so now you’ve named your photography blog but before you can start coming up with photography blog ideas you need to create a purpose for your blog and give it a reason to exist.

So using your specialist knowledge, connections in your niche and a good understanding of your ideal clients its time to define the purpose for your page. This, in turn, will fuel the blog post ideas for the content you create, the photos you upload and give a theme to carry out through every post you make going forward.

Your blog is here to serve potential clients, its a doorway to your website and will help you build the authority you need to become the Go-To Photographer in your nice.

There’s a marketing saying “People Buy from People they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST” this could never be more true when it comes to social media or your website presence. If you want to convert more website visitors into paying clients then there’s no better way to do it than by earning their trust.

It really is just a case of producing post content that helps them solve a problem, inspires them or invokes an emotional connection to you as a photographer. The latter can be done easily with photos, but not just any old photo, it has to be a photo that creates an emotional response. For example, a bride’s father’s expression when he first sees her in her wedding dress or a couple looking into the eyes of their newborn baby, these images have a huge emotional connection.

When you’ve named your blog and you have a good idea of who you are targetting your content too, then you’ll be able to come up with a few paragraphs of text to inform the visitor to your website exactly what the purpose of your blog is and how it can be a solution to their problems.

Think back to “The Guide to a Perfect Country Wedding”, you could say;

“The purpose of this blog is to help country-loving brides plan the perfect hassle-free wedding. As a Wedding Photographer with over 10 years of experience, I share my knowledge, insight, top tips and the latest trends I’ve picked up from 100’s of brides, vendors and some of the top wedding venues in the county.

Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be something you do all on your own, The Guide to a Perfect Country Wedding is your hub of all things country wedding-related, from what’s in trend for the groomsmen’s outfits, to the must-have room decorations to compliment your country theme.

I’ll also share my favourite country wedding photos, what’s hot and what’s not from a photographer’s point of view, plus essential planning tips to guarantee your big day goes smoothly without any hiccups.

Be sure to subscribe to my email list and I’ll send you a copy of my wedding planning PDF entitled “7 Big Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make When Planning Your Country Wedding” plus you’ll receive a notification every time I upload a new post, so you’ll never be short on country wedding ideas.”

Blog Post Ideas Your Clients Will Love

Now that your blog has a name and it has a purpose, don’t you feel it’s going to be so much easier to create content your ideal clients a going to love? Of course it is, and remember when your content connects with them so their trust is earned. If you want to become the Go-To Photographer in your niche then write content that answers their questions, solves their problems and inspires them.

For this final step, I’ll use the example of a pet photographer based in Edinburgh whose blog is called “Creating Perfect Memories with Your Pooch”. The purpose of the blog is to help and inspire dog owners to build amazing memories with their four-legged friends. It’s about great days out with your dog, the best local dog walks, dog training tips, real-life dog photo shoot stories and reviews of the latest pet treats, toys, dog-friendly pubs and much much more.

So what type of content is your K9 crazy owner searching the internet for?

Best Dog Walks in Edinburgh

Top 10 Dog-Friendly Pubs in Edinburgh

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Pulling on Walks

How to Take Better Photos of Your Dog with Your Phone

Great Ideas for Dog Photo Shoots

Best Locations for Dog Portraits in Edinburgh

Once you have a good-sized list of blog ideas then it’s just a case of doing a bit of simple keyword research to establish the highest traffic search terms. Look for potential post titles which offer low keyword competitiveness but with decent monthly search volume. This means it will be easier for your blog to rank in the results using these titles while driving more traffic to your website.

I use a great free tool called UberSuggest there is a limit on the number of searches you can perform in a day, but for a free tool, it’s fantastic, and can also help you with ideas for further content.

FREE Keyword Search Tool to Help Find Great Titles for Your Photography Blog Posts

Hope you’ve found this blog ideas post useful, it really does make a huge difference when you start producing content your visitors love. Blog Writing, Keywording and SEO are just a small part of the huge amount of photography marketing help, support and advice that you’ll find inside my Awesome Photographers Mentoring Group.

If you really do want to become the Go-To Photographer in your niche I can help you, as I have helped 100’s of other photographers do the same.

Simply click on the contact page of this website or message me Jeff Brown The Photographers Mentor on LinkedIn, I’d be happy to send you out a brochure and arrange a FREE 30-minute business strategy call if you’re serious about taking your photography to the next level.

Thank you, Jeff Brown – The Photographers’ Mentor

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