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Why I’ve Made it my Mission to Help Photographers SUCCEED!

My journey in photography is a little different than that of most other photographers. However, luckily for me after serving as a military photographer in the Royal Navy, I received a lot of help as well as financial support, to spend on business and marketing training prior starting my own photography businesses in civilian life. 

So right from the very beginning I made branding and marketing my priority, because I knew this would ultimately be the key to my success, and it was. 

After 15 years of running 5 very successful photography businesses, a change in my life circumstances led me to create an online mentoring and coaching program for photographers around the world. I’m so very passionate about helping other photographers succeed, so much so this has now become my life’s mission.

Most of my Clients are Way More Skilled in Photography than Me

Many of the photographers who come to me are far more talented and skilled in photography than I am, it’s just their lack of branding and marketing knowledge that holds them back. When they see the missing piece of the puzzle this quickly transforms their business and allows them to charge their true worth.

All my clients become good friends because we have such a close working relationship. I’m here to help and support them through every step of their business journey, offering accountability and a kick up the backside when it’s needed, they thank me for putting the pressure on.

What Annoys Me the MOST!

I’ve made it my mission to help as many photographers as I possibly can succeed, but I can only work with so many each year. I devote a lot of time to delivering webinars, guesting on podcasts, writing for photography magazines, and of course writing my own books, because I know I can’t work with everyone and not everyone can afford to work with a mentor.

I offer a FREE 30 Minute Advice Call which is open to anyone, it’s NOT a sales call. It’s there to provide value, giving inspiration, support, and direction. What really annoys me are mentors who offer fake strategy calls to get photographers on a Zoom call just so they can turn up the heat and close a sale.

No photography mentor should be trying to sell to you, it should be YOUR decision.

Want to Schedule a 30-minute Advice Call with Jeff?

A Little Bit About Me

Alongside my passion to help others and my nerdy obsession with branding and marketing, I have a few other passions that fuel my life and drive me forward.

I love adventure, travel, and the outdoors. I’m very much a country person having moved to the beautiful, remote county of Northumberland from the city 8 years ago. If you follow me on social media you’ll see my landscapes scenes, mostly taken on my camera phone when out and about hiking with my Springer Spaniel Charlie or my teenage daughter Arya.

I’m always looking to discover somewhere new. I’ve travelled to around 45 countries including some very different destinations, including North Korea and Chernobyl. I’ve got a bit of an obsession with mountains and strong coffee too. I’ve climbed around the world and have summited some awesome peaks at sunrise. Give me a strong coffee on top of a big mountain with a stunning view and am in heaven.

Take Me Up on My Offer, You Won’t Regret it! 

By now you should have a good idea that I’m pretty passionate about helping fellow photographers like yourself and I’m not here to try and close a sale.

Download a copy of my programme brochure, check out my Blog and Free Resources Page, then if you’d like to know more about what I do, and you’d like some FREE ADVICE, take up my offer and book a 30-Minute Advice Call.

And Finally the coffee!

For me, every day has to start with a cup of good strong coffee, yes I’m a total coffee snob. I’m up most days at 4.44 am, I call it my 444-Club and I can’t get my morning off to a good start without a coffee. 
 Back in 2021, I discovered a fantastic artisan coffee supplier who roasts and freshly blends strong coffee in small batches, with no preservatives, or chemicals. Hence every bag comes with a 2-3 month shelf life, although a bag usually sees me just over a week, cos I drink that much.

Stay Focused Coffee – MEGA Strong Coffee for Awesome Photographers.  

So in 2022 “Stay Focused Coffee” was born, Strong Coffee for Awesome Photographers.

I never planned to sell ‘Stay Focused Coffee’ or the mugs, it was developed as reward gifts for my mentoring clients and members of my “Awesome Photographers Group.”

However, since its launch, I’ve had numerous enquiries for mugs and coffee so I’ve put a little batch together.