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In addition to my photography books, please check out my complimentary ‘FREE’ stuff below.  I’ve filled the page with useful PDFs and links to some of my most popular photography podcasts I’ve appeared on as a guest over the years.  As I create more content I’ll keep uploading it to my this resources page, so do keep calling back.

Remember guys I’m here to help on your journey to success and if you do have any questions just drop me an email at and connect with me on LinkedIn,  it’s always nice to hear from fellow photographers.

You can be the best award-winning photographer in your area with all the latest kit but if you can’t brand and market your business correctly you’ll fail to attract the right type of clients.

I know to most photographers marketing and branding isn’t something they get excited about, but when it all fits together and you’re charging 3 or 4 times that of a competitor and still booking clients it feels amazing because people value what you do.

Keep on listening to podcasts, reading those photography books and growing your business just a little bit more each day, it’s the little steps we do that produce the big results because above all else consistency is key.

Great Photography Webinars & Podcast Shows

With Jeff Brown – The Photographers Mentor

Business Secrets

Podcast with the world famous Dog Photographer Nicole Begley, we talk about all things relating to business planning, goal setting and how to grow your photography business faster with joint ventures.


Differentiating yourself with LinkedIn and the Shutter App with Jeff Brown.  Get Focused!  We talk about Virtual Photography and how photographers can use the Shutter Studio App to work with clients around the world.

Refocus + Change

In this very personal podcast episode with the famous multi-bestselling business author John Lamerton.  Jeff shares about his personal  journey from success to failure and back to success again.  Podcast talk about depression, lack of self-worth or stress and anxiety.

Studio Ninja

Studio Ninja and Jeff talk about LinkedIn marketing and how  photographers can easily grow a large following, get more eyes on their content, and connect with their ideal client types, without spending a penny on LinkedIn ads or a premium subscription.

Lead Generation

LinkedIn lead generation and how you can grow your network and engagement by understanding how the LinkedIn algorithm works.  We cover LinkedIn hashtags, Creator Mode, SSI Score, and lots, lots more.

Martin Bailey

In this great podcast, I talk over the essentials to setting up a niche photography brand profile on LinkedIn. We discuss how the platform works and what you can do to really start seeing results and turn connections into paying clients.

The 6 Figure Photographer

We cover marketing and branding in-depth, perfect for the photographer wanting to position their business in a league above the competition.

Master Photographer

Originally meant to be a 40-minute podcast, this turned into a mammoth 75-minute information-packed show. I talk with Brent all things photography marketing and branding, pricing and of course LinkedIn too.

Heidi Thompson

In this episode, we talk about all things Wedding Photography. How to build out your premium brand, utilise the power of Facebook to really grow your business and set up some very lucrative joint venture programs with other vendors.

The Beginner Photographer

In this interview for The Beginner Photographer Podcast I talk about my journey in photography, from leaving the Royal Navy, then getting heavily into the photography marketing and business side of photography.

The Photography Bar

It was a real pleasure to be a guest on The Photography Bar Podcast Show, this fun, relaxed and informative podcast is broadcast right here in the UK. We talk photography marketing and how to position yourself as the Go-To Photographer in your niche.

Martin Bailey 2021

In this 2021 episode of the Martin Bailey Photography Podcast we dive into your photography marketing and how to position yourself as the Go-to Photographer in your niche, how to build a premium brand and standout to your clients.

Jeff’s YouTube Channel

Do you love this content?  Jeff is always creating great FREE content for you to watch on YouTube.

Photography Marketing Guides

Your Premium Photography Brand Tool Kit

As consumers we make decisions based on what we see at first glance when coming in contact with a brand, even without actually knowing what the brand is actually about. The majority of shoppers will put a perceived rating of quality, value and price on a product or service just from its external appearance alone.

Setting your Big Photography Goals

Most photographers DON’T set goals. However, if you DON’T have a clear and defined direction for where you want your business to go how will you ever achieve SUCCESS?   I know this because as a photography mentor working with 100’s of photographers in over 20 countries worldwide, it is something I come across every single day.

Building an Email List of Future Clients

Growing an email list takes time and like everything, if you want to see results you have to make the move and get started. Yes, it will be painfully slow at the beginning, but every new email address is another potential customer for life.  Getting started is often the hardest part!

Website Copy, Design and Layout Top Tips

Who is your Website for?  fore you start on your website design you must know
who your website is for. What type of potential clients are coming to your site, are they male or female, what is their age group, and what are their interests?.

The Fundamentals of Price

Keep it Clear.  Keep it Simple.   Keep When it comes to pricing it always pays to make it as clear and as simple as possible for the client. This comes down to every aspect of your pricing brochures and on line marketing. From the way your price list is set out to the description of your products, and the actual layout of the price itself.